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Your Donations support education, legislative action, activities, ballot initiatives and other projects that change Wyoming laws and change Wyoming minds.  We rely on Sponsors and Donations to operate.  By contributing, you can help ensure that quality information about Cannabis, Hemp & Marijuana remains freely available. Help support our mission to create Cannabis awareness to Wyoming, by making a simple donation today. Anything will Help, $5, $10, $20, $40, $100 or more! Thank you for your continued support of our mission to create Cannabis awareness to the world.


Wyoming Cannabis Activists
TAX ID: 471513157
Casper WY USA

Where the money goes:

Administration 10%:
We operate on a budget and we will ensure the money directly helps advance our mission in a thoughtful and strategic manner.
Local Grassroots Development 25%: Wyoming Cannabis Activists is the frontline of defense for medical cannabis patients and providers. Our activists attend important council meetings, legislator debates, organize rallies, organize pubic speaking events, and lobby their local, state, and federal lawmakers.
Community Support and Patients Rights 20%: The Community Support provides the support and resources our constituents need to be effective advocates. Wyoming Cannabis Activists provide free information through publications and online resources. We help with food donations to community food banks and toy drives around Christmas.

Federal and State Representation 30%: Wyoming Cannabis Activists works fulltime on medical cannabis issues. We fight for issues you care about such as ending federal interference in our State through talking to legislators and working on getting medical cannabis in our state.

Education 15%: Wyoming Cannabis Activists provides brochures, educational materials around the state on medical cannabis.